Full of knee socks

stalwart-daddypants asked:

Вы не ответили на мой вопрос правильно . Я заинтересован в причине , почему вы не включаете источник ( где они с ), из фотографий, которые не были приняты Вами .

Ok. vk.com/knee_socks

That’s source of almost all pictures

stalwart-daddypants asked:

While I enjoy your selection of pictures. Why do none have sources? Some of these are rather great pictures and I would like to see more from the same photographer. Is there any possible way you can make that happen?


afroditey asked:

hi, this might seem kinda weird since this is a leg blog, but i love your face! just the basic construction of it--you've got incredible bone structure. like a really nice jawline and cheekbones, and your entire body is incredible, too.

Hahahaha! It’s nice! :)) thank you, my sweetie. Nobody ever told me things like this before! I’m a little bit proud now :))